Position transducers

The inductive position transducer series F 200 converts small rectilinear displacements into electrical analogue signals by means of a differential transformer with a movable core.The core is mounted on a pushrod wich may be pressed by a built-in spring against the object to be measured, or rigidly connected to the object. The transducer is supplied with a DC voltage. A built-in oscillator provides an AC voltage to supply the diffential transfomer.The secondary voltages of the transformer are rectified by a demodulator which is also built-in. The oscillator and the demodulator are hybrid circuits.

The inductive precision sensor FTI is used to transform shortl inear travel paths into analogue electrical signals using a differential transformer with a movable core.The core is located on a gauging pin which is pressed against the measured object by an integrated spring. The sensor is supplied with direct voltage from which an integrated oscillator generates alternating voltage to feed the differential transformer. The secondary transformer voltages are rectified in a built-in demodulator. The oscillator and demodulator are designed using hybrid technology. The output current is strictly proportional to the displacement of the core and therefore to the measured path.

Membrane sensor potentiometers are very flat and canbe glued to plane surfaces in the required form.
Another advantage is the hermetically sealed structure of the membrane sensor potentiometer. Dirt, dust or humidity can not invade the sensor and therefore the use in a difficult environment is possible. It must be emphasized that the handling is very simple since the sensitive potentiometer track is protected by the coversheet.  

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Cable transducers

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Turbine flowmeters

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