OMT 1010

is used for online supervision and monitoring of cargos

Enables you to identify all potentially risky situations in real time, thus limiting or eliminating damage to cargo. Provides crucial evidence in case cargo is damaged.

OMM 335 range

fits the standardised ø 22,5 mm circular hole

wide range of input signals        

Readable from all angles even at low lighting conditions

easy configuration from PC

IP 64


In cooperation with VICTOR, we offer high-precision multifunction calibrators for industrial automation, measurement and control for verification and calibration of voltage, current loop, thermocouples, resistance thermometers, pressure and frequency.


By its design, our PLC is primarily suitable either for central control of relatively simple Measurement and Control applications, or for use in large systems with distributed decentralized control of individual processes, for signal preprocessing for superior control and visualization systems mainly consisting of PC.

Universal panel meter OM 402 UNI

Universal configurable panel meter based on a sigle-chip microcontroller

Signal convertor OMX 103 UNI

This signal convertor offers a wide range of options which makes it suitable for practically any application

Paperless recorder OMR 700

Modular recorder with 5.7' TFT touch screen, 8 slots for input and output cards. Maximum of 96 inputs.

What’s new at OM?

As part of improving the quality of our production, our staff has expanded with a new laser marking machine NeoMark Twin from OSAI Automation. Thanks to it, each PCB equipped by...
We have recently become a distributor of the Italian company SHUNT, which produces very precise shunts with cooling systems for those who need an accurate instrument for...
On September 22, 2020, our company was audited by our customers ČEZ, a.s. and I&C Energo a.s. with positive results. Once again ORBIT MERRET have proven we are perfectly fit...


Due to the current hygienic situation, we do not currently have any courses available.

Representation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Cable sensors

Direct and angular non-contact, non-contact or potentiometric sensors

Turbine flow meters